The Table of Contents will allow you to navigate through the song book. By clicking on the particular topic in the Table of Contents, you will be taken to the background discussion and song lyrics relating to that topic. Throughout all the sections, there are “URL” links to audios of, and, in some cases, videos relating to the referenced songs. We are still looking for some song lyrics and audio references; if you find better or missing references, please let us know by posting them in the discussion section.

One of the major hopes of this project is to encourage communications among the readers about suggested corrections, deletions or additions to the contents. For example, I recently came across an article from the February 2013 edition of The American Spectator that related to a compilation of topical songs from Sixties conservative singer-songwriters called Freedom Is a Hammer: Conservative Folk Revolutionaries of the Sixties. This is not part of the main work product, but it is certainly relevant to the project. So, I will be supplementing the content by posting the reference. This can be accomplished as follows:  in each topical section you will find a link for “Your Thoughts and Questions.” When you click on the “Your Thoughts and Questions” button, your comment will be processed for posting in the discussion section. That will give others the opportunity to review the comments, or  make their own comments and/or suggestions. In this way, a dialogue can be created that hopefully will lead to a more complete resource for teachers and other researchers.

If you want to make an addition or a correction,  ask a question or start a new discussion thread,  click this button below:

This webpage has an associated Facebook page. The purpose of the Facebook page is similar to the discussion section of this webpage. It is a place for the submission of supplemental material for the topics in the Table of Contents and a place for discussion of topics relevant to the Songbook. The link to the Facebook page is